We're happy to introduce Emilio Garcia's new sculpture, the Forbidden Brain. A mix of apple and brains that will debut the 27th of September at Swab Barcelona Art Fair thanks to 3 Punts Gallery.

Made of fine resins, acrylic and bronze by Emilio Garcia himself, RED and GREEN editions will be strictly limited to 30 pieces worldwide. They will be available to preorder the 27th of September at emiliogarcia.org for 700€ + shipping. Each piece will be signed and numbered, COA and wood box included. Follow Emilio Garcia's Instagram to get the latest scope of production status.

- Stay tunned
- 3 Punts Gallery
- Swab Barcelona Art Fair
- Ineditad
- Zona Toys
- Vinylpulse
- ToysRevil
- The Toy Chronicle

TAGS: #Forbidden Brain #Fine Arts #Sculpture posted by LapoLab on 12th Jun 2018

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Forbidden Brain by Emilio Garcia